What started as a side project for 17 year old entrepreneur Callum Ray, based out of a small town in the Sunshine Coast Queensland, History Clothing has grown into one of Australia's leading independent streetwear labels, located in the heart of the Australian fashion capital (Melbourne).
History Clothing strives to provide only the highest quality threads in Australia, and unique designs you won't find anywhere else. All History Clothing's products are limited editions, shipped worldwide, giving our customers a chance to express themselves as individuals, in a world monopolised by the leading fashion corporations.

Early Years: 2011

Founded in July 2011, History Clothing dropped their first line one month later. Printed in a temporary shed which we
called "The Warehouse", the first line only consisted of two designs due to the limited cash flow of a teenager. After
selling the first few T-shirts online to complete strangers on the other side of the country, we were absolutely
amazed that we had a following on Facebook of only 150 people (most of them being family and friends) and we
were already growing a customer base around Australia.

2012 - 2013

It was time, the decision was made, to turn History Clothing from an average independent clothing line, delivering
your basic thin tees with a hand printed design, to a high quality brand, sourcing the best quality blank T-shirts on
the market. HC teamed up with a local screenprinter who had years of experience and shared our goal of delivering
high quality threads. History Clothing dropped a new line every six months, Summer and Winter Lines.
History Clothing gradually entered into the Queensland music industry, supporting local bands and gigs across the
Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. A strong relationship was created, up to 25 local bands were endorsed by History
Clothing at any one time. These partnerships played a big role in the progression of the brand and History Clothing
supported the bands in may ways, from filming Studio Documentaries, supplying clothing for tours, to running the
bands merchandise desks. History Clothing Pop-up stores began to appear at local gigs almost every weekend, and
the relationship grew stronger each time.
History Clothing also partnered up with a number of major endorsements including Ryan Burt (The Amity Affliction)
and Tonight Alive who contributed to the exposure of the brand.


Know as the "The Golden Years" this is when History Clothing took things to the next level. No more relying on the
blank T-shirt suppliers, History Clothing went full "Kanye" by designing custom T-shirt cuts, sourced high combed
cotton and manufacturers themselves. This meant no more limitations, no more guidelines and much more freedom
to deliver the highest quality available.
A relocation took the brand to Australia's fashion capital - Melbourne.

In the coming years, we will see History Clothing reach new heights in the Australian fashion industry.
The brand is now at its strongest point, with a team of creative designers, models and ambassadors. HC is
continuously looking for opportunities to support independent artists and projects, reinforcing our idea of supporting
the growth of creative and talented individuals.

If you wish to get in touch with the team, please contact: